Remembering Her Homecoming is a collaborative project that analyzes the history of the black female body in Richmond, and navigates the stories and identities of the women before us, the stories of the present, and how they affect our tomorrows. Through a communal workshop and collaborative public performance, Nastassja engaged black female residents of varying ages, within Richmond communities, in a project infused with dance, sound and visual narrative that took place in Shockoe Bottom and Jackson Ward. Eight women and girls, dressed in white garments, wore a large, needle felted white wool mask and traveled by foot from the Trail of Enslaved Africans, and ended on Leigh Street in the Jackson Ward neighborhood. 

The project has produced a mini documentary and short film. 

Remembering Her Homecoming. Short Film. 8:05 minutes. 2018.

Remembering Her Homecoming: From the North Atlantic, to Leigh Street. Mini Documentary. 13:02 minutes. 2018



Kennijah Waller
Kyata Johnson
IdaLease Cummings
Christina Irby
Kristin Davis
Rob Gibsun
Free Egunfemi
Barbara Jones

Torian Urgworji
Kyara Massenburg
Cameron Hopkins
Marlon Turner
Sanchel Brown
Alicia Phillips
Raven Wilkes
Jourdan James

Project supported by the CultureWorks Grant Program.