Weaving on the Wall

Problem solving - the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues (according to Google). My problem or complex issue is the lack of access to a floor loom in order to make larger weavings. My attempt to fix such problem, suggested to me by a visiting artist here at VCUQ, is to make a loom on the wall- and it worked!

A bit of a knock off of a frame loom, however I am able to adjust the wooden planks to my desired length of the weaving. 

Working with dyed cotton and alpaca wool, I am translating my blind contour drawings into weavings. It would take me about two days, maybe less to weave this plain weave structure on a floor loom- but this process has pushed that back a few days. But there's always more than one way to make something! With my optimistic thinking I'll hopefully have this little guy finished and posted soon!