Today I had the pleasure of having artist Judy Glantzman visit my studio. Judy, much like her work, is a ball of energy and enthusiasm. Earlier this week she gave an artist talk, and touched on quiet a few things that I had been thinking about with my own work. Lately I've been attempting to loosen up and not contemplate as much about every mark that I make, and to just let the painting happen. Listening to her speak, Judy talked a little bit about the obstacles we create for ourselves as artists, and suggested just "letting go". 

Studio visit with Judy 

Studio visit with Judy 

Alice Neel ,  Oil on Canvas

Alice Neel , Oil on Canvas

" Make the painting you're making, and not the painting you want to make" 

Lavender Beauty , Oil on Canvas

Lavender Beauty, Oil on Canvas

Judith and Holofernes , Oil on Canvas

Judith and Holofernes, Oil on Canvas

My visit with her was great: following our conversation, I felt refreshed and anxious to continue making. 

Judy giving me some artists to look at !

Judy giving me some artists to look at !

You can check out more of Judy's work here