Welcome back! I needed a break from all of the painting I did last week, so I've switched stations and began working on some soft sculptures. If you've seen my last post, Artist-In-Residence, you may have noticed the wire armatures in the last photo, which will eventually be felted busts. Below are the sheets of wool I've felted and images of the wet felting process ( I generally use dry felting). 

1. The wool is layered, with each layer running in the opposite direction. 

2. I sandwich the wool in between a small piece of netting and massage warm water and soap in circular motion.

3. After repeating Step 2 three - four times, I will set my new piece of felt aside to dry, and it'll be ready to needle felt around my wire armatures. 

Being that I work better with having multiple projects going at once, I am also working on two smaller dolls, and considering placing them in a setting with ceramic fixtures- though I am still working through ideas of how I see them existing. 

A few additional materials and tools I've been working with. 

This little one is waiting on me to draft up a new friend for her, so I guess I'll get back to work. But thanks for checking in, and keep an eye out for my next update!